About Travel Writing 2.0

Leffel travel writerTravel Writing 2.0 is a book and blog by Tim Leffel. This travel writing blog site aims to be the most definitive, detailed guide to success in the digital age. It achieves that through the stories and advice from working writers, authors, and bloggers who travel. Around 1,800 unique visitors stop by monthly and about 1/5 of those subscribe to the e-mail newsletter or the RSS stream.

Who am I? Well, a veteran travel writer who has dispatched articles from five continents, an author of multiple books, editor of Perceptive Travel, and a blogger. My company, Al Centro Media, produces a variety of additional websites including Hotel Scoop.

I review travel gear, I edit great travel stories, and I write about interesting places. I’ve won a bunch of awards for my writing. My work supports a family of three and the websites I run pay 50+ freelancers on a yearly basis.

I’m quoted in the major media each month as a travel destinations expert. See the whole spiel at TimLeffel.com. You can contact me at tim [at ] timleffel.com and follow me on Twitter here – @TimLeffel

Kristin Winet is helping me out with this blog as my web editor and co-interviewer. Kristin is an award-winning freelance travel writer and blogger, writing teacher, and perpetual graduate student in English. Check out her website at www.kristinwinet.com join her on Facebook and Twitter, or email her at kristin [at] kristinwinet.com.