An Interview with Stephanie Yoder

stephStephanie Yoder is the voice behind the popular travel blog Twenty-Something Travel, a project she’s been working on now for five years. As a blogger and freelancer, she makes her living off of her blog and other freelance assignments, so in today’s interview, we wanted to know: How does she do it? Enjoy!

Stephanie, you manage the blog Twenty-Something Travel. What originally inspired you to start it? What has that journey been like for you?

I started Twenty-Something Travel over 5 years ago, partially as a personal project and partially as a way to show other twenty-somethings that long-term travel is possible. At the time I was living at home, saving money and planning my own year-long trip though Asia, Australia and Europe.

At that point I never thought that blogging and writing would become my career. My whole writing career so far has basically been an exercise in “how can I get away with this.”

What experience did you have with writing before starting your blog? What tools do you think new bloggers really need to hone in their early years?

I’ve always loved to write first and foremost. I majored in English in college and spent a long time honing my writing analytical skills while composing essays on Katherine Porter and David Lodge. I often call myself one of the few English majors who is actually working in her field!Twenty-SomethingTravel

In all honesty though, I do think writing skills are very important when it comes to blogging. You want to be able to convey experiences clearly and to connect emotionally with your audience,. Bad writing is so distracting and it puts a barrier between you and the reader.

In one of your posts, “How I Make Money While Traveling,” you say that “I think of myself less and less as a person who makes money by traveling, and more as a person who is lucky enough to have a job that allows me to travel.” Can you tell us a little bit more about that distinction? What’s your income mix like now?

I get a lot of emails from people asking me “How can I make money by traveling?” The truth is, you just can’t. Nobody is going to pay you simply to waltz around the world and have adventures. Unfortunately I think that is a very idealized image that a lot of blogs present.

If you could see what’s going on behind the scenes of most successful blogs, the reality would be less glamorous. Yes there is travel, sometimes really amazing travel, but there is a lot of really mundane stuff going on as well: conference calls, overflowing inboxes and hours and hours spent sprawled on the couch, typing away. Travel isn’t my job, writing is my job and travel is a fortunate bonus.

What do you wish you’d known about blogging when you started?

Honestly, I wish I had the forethought NOT to name my blog Twenty-Something Travel. Now that I am about to turn 30, it’s becoming a bit of a branding issue. I think it’s important to look at the long term picture even when you are just starting out. At 25 I had no idea I would still be writing on the same website, yet here I am.

I have to ask: What’s it like being married to another travel blogger?

steph2It’s pretty great! It’s nice to have someone who just gets it. Get the weird hours, the erratic income, the obsession with plane tickets and the inability to sit still. It’s also nice that we have our own separate websites and projects but we can still collaborate occasionally. A good mix of support and autonomy.

Now I sound like I’m bragging, but really, I highly recommend everyone marry another travel blogger. Or failing that, someone really, really rich.

Now that you’re just turned the big 3-0, what’s the future of Twenty-Something Travel hold for you?

Ha. Well as I noted above, it does present something of a branding issue, which I’m still trying to figure out. In the past year I’ve brought on two more writers, Jessica Dawdy and Kay Rodriguez who are both terrific and provide very different twenty-something perspectives.

Stephanie Yoder is a girl who can’t sit still. For the past decade she has been busy either traveling, planning to travel or writing about travel. She has lived on four continents, everywhere from London to Xi’an China and has traveled through dozens more countries. In addition to freelance work for a variety of travel companies including RoamRight, TripIt and Trivago, Stephanie writes about her own adventures on her blog Twenty-Something Travel. 
Interview conducted in October, 2014 by Kristin Winet.

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