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Are you a staggeringly popular travel writer who has so much money piling up you don’t know where to store it?

OK then. How much would you pay to get the inside scoop from successful writers making a good living from their writing? And advice from editors who hand out the paychecks?

Well the answer doesn’t matter, because for exactly one year this inside track will be free. Zero cost and, for the first three months, no advertising even. I’ll send out a newsletter only to the people who want to receive it and act on it, filled with advice and resources for succeeding in the digital media age.

Starting in January, I’ll be delivering a newsletter once a month that is as close as you’ll get to someone handing you the key to the kingdom. Here you’ll read a condensed version of the collective wisdom on this blog and in the book, plus the kinds of insider tips that most of us don’t want to put into a public forum. Add in a few key links to truly useful money-making resources and podcasts and you’ll have much of what you need to leapfrog over everyone else in this ultra-competitive field. Consider this an expensive weekend writing marketing workshop minus the “expensive” part.

Why am I doing this? I believe deep down that the best path to success is to share knowledge, info, and connections. So for a year this will be a non-stop karma-fest. Sure, I like to sell books, so if you buy Travel Writing 2.0 it’ll make me happy. But if you can’t manage to lay out the price of three beers in a bar (ahem) for valuable knowledge, I won’t hold it against you. Glean what you can for 12 months, then if you aren’t more successful than you are today, we’ll part ways with a virtual handshake. No risk for you, but lots of potential for rewards.

So…what are you waiting for? Click on this button below to sign up for the Travel Writing 2.0 newsletter and get the inside scoop.

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