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This survey is now closed – watch for the new edition in October 2015

I’ve just started working on an updated edition of Travel Writing 2.0 and I could use your input.

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The original version was written to be evergreen, but sometimes a Panda or Penguin will show up and muck things up. Or a major social media platform that was good for marketing becomes pay-to-play. Or writing outlets that used to matter go extinct. Plus the cover is looking dated, so it’s time for a revamp.

The first edition was filled with stories and examples from 52 travel writers, so it wasn’t just opinionated me spouting off. I’d like to expand that even further this time and gather a larger data set on earnings while I’m at it. So if you’d like a shot at being featured in the book or just want to help me get a “state of the state of travel writing,” please participate in the survey.

Most of the questions are open-ended because I want to know what you’re struggling with, what has led to success, and what hard-earned advice you would give to others. Follow the appropriate link below depending on whether you make a full-time living from writing/editing/blogging (can be a mix of genres) or you’re part-time.

I’m a full-time writer/blogger (survey closed)

I’m a part-time writer/blogger (survey closed)

There’s a part at the end where you paste in a one-paragraph bio, so have that pulled up when you start. Deadline is June 19, 2015.

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