Join Me at TBEX 2012

Want to learn about the art and business of travel blogging from some of the most successful writers and editors in North America?

Then get registered for TBEX 2012 in mid-June. (That stands for “Travel Blog Exchange,” though only the abbreviation seems to live on the new conference site). I’m a featured speaker and will be kicking off the first panel of the conference. I’m teamed up with my buddies Max Hartshorne of GoNomad and Beth Whitman of Wanderlust and Lipstick for a session called “Monetize Like You Mean It.” We’ll be talking about how to actually make a living at this—or at least more than beer money—by publishing quality content and finding the right ways to earn income from it.

None of us has all the answers or a pocket full of silver bullets, but we make a living from working full-time in travel, so we must be doing something right.

Other bloggers I know and respect will also be doing sessions or panels. Considering there are 30+ speakers and registration is a mere $88, you’ll only be paying $3 per speaker and getting advice that could change your writing career permanently, bringing you the kind of knowledge that avoids years of trial and error. And that doesn’t even count all the informal advice you’ll get from your peers and the fantastic networking opportunities, both with fellow travel bloggers and industry/destination people.

Go look at the speakers page or the full schedule to see what kind of household names in the travel blogging world you can learn from. It’s solid.

This year’s event promises to be more robust and more organized that in years past, so if you avoided TBEX before because it seemed like amateur hour, give it another shot with the BlogWorld people applying their conference planning skills. Something tells me there will still be plenty of parties though. Short press trips before and after too if you’re up for it.

It’s all going to kick off with a road rally scavenger hunt from Denver to Keystone Resort and the one I’m on is rumored to involve Colorado microbreweries…

Southwest flies to Denver and it’s a hub for Frontier, so flights are generally reasonable by today’s high-fuel-cost standards. Check other airlines’ rates here.

Go here to register and get Keystone lodging info here.

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