Sure, Travel Writing 2.0 is the best guide around to becoming a travel writer who actually makes money. But to learn how to write better, find new markets, or build a better blog, here are some other good books to check out.

Good Starting Points for Your Library of Writing Books

E-books and Reports

Wooden Horse Publishing is a great resource and it’s hard to beat the value of what they sell. Their main product is a subscription to their database, which is constantly updated and has key contact information for editors at magazines. They also publish a series of short $5.95 reports by Meg Weaver on specific aspects of freelance writing. Here’s a partial list:

  • Calendar Queries: How to Line Up a Steady Stream of Assignments for Next Year
  • Writing Query Letters: Use the Same Proven, Customizable Letter this Veteran Writer Has Successfully Used for Years
  • How to Send 50 Queries per Week. – Forget the Editors – How to Sell the People Who Really Count

You can find other good writing and querying e-books at