What Others Are Saying About Travel Writing 2.0


“The most useful ‘how-to’ book about travel writing on the market today.”

– Durant Imboden, TravelWritten.com and EuropeForVisitors.com


“Travel Writing 2.0 is a must-read—both for newbies getting into the industry and for those of us already in the trenches.”

– Joshua Berman, guidebook writer and editor of The Tranquilo Traveler


“Tim Leffel is that rarest of creatures in the travel world–a straight shooter who not only has all the facts, but isn’t afraid to share them. Travel Writing 2.0 is an essential resource for anyone trying to make real money from their writing.”

– Chuck Thompson, author of Smile While You’re Lying and To Hellholes and Back

“Tim Leffel…is pretty much a travel writing rockstar, though he too wears a variety of hats (writer, editor, publisher, blogger). There’s a lot of great advice in Leffel’s latest book, both from him and the seasoned travel writers he interviewed.”

– Erin Dalpani, Freelance-Zone.com


“…unflinching look at the market and what you have to do to carve out your place… This book is solid, honest, and a much needed insight on a difficult career choice. You think you want to be a travel writer, do you? You should read this book.”

– Pam Mandel, editor Nerd’s Eye View


“A definite must read for both new and experienced travel writers interested in developing and expanding their online presence.”

– Liz Lewis, editor Write to Travel


“I really enjoyed Leffel’s “no holds barred” approach to travel writing. He minces no words, makes no promises, and in turn, delivers some solid advice…”

– Nora Dunn, in Wisebread.com