Some Things to Know About Travel Writing 2.0

Travel writing expertWe’re taking a break from the interviews and advice on this travel writing blog this week. So here’s a rundown on some housekeeping things and a few tidbits you might enjoy.

First, this blog is connected to the book you see at the right, Travel Writing 2.0: Earning Money From Your Travels in the New Media Landscape. As you can see from the reviews we’ve posted and the ones on Amazon, people seem to like it and find it useful. Get it if you’re serious about becoming a travel writer, whether that’s full-time or as a hobbyist not working for free all the time. Buy the book.

That’s my only sales pitch because the monthly newsletter is free. It’s all I can do to get it out once a month, so I doubt that will change anytime soon, despite the actionable advice each month that will help your career and enhance your earnings.

Here are some things to know about the book and me.

  • 52 other working travel writers and editors are quoted in Travel Writing 2.0. If you don’t like my opinion, you’ve got plenty of others to pick from.
  • I’ve been a travel writer for around 20 years, from back when I had to mail slides to editors and wait two months for an answer to a query sent with a stamp on it. (You have it tough? Now?!)
  • I worked part-time most of that though, going full-time around 2006. “Overnight success” doesn’t exist in this career. Patience and persistence rule.
  • My media company pays 50+ freelancers over the course of the year, so I know a thing or two about what’s worth publishing and what matters to editors. Come back regularly as I’m known to share. Or rant.
  • Or you can read short rants on Twitter: @timleffel
  • No, you probably can’t be my friend on Facebook though unless you’re a real friend. And you don’t put a kid, spouse, or pet in your profile picture.
  • I put up six blog posts a week of my own on various sites and supervise/edit 19 other bloggers on weekly basis. Did I mention I’m a dad too?┬áSo don’t whine that you can’t find the time to do two or three good posts or articles each week, on schedule.
  • I travel a fair bit and dish out advice on how to do it well without spending a fortune. Check out the Cheapest Destinations Blog.
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