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A Conversation with Matthew Long

Matthew Long is a writer for the digital age: while he has written over 500 pieces for the travel blog he created,, he has also written extensively for other blogs

Researching for FAM Trips: Getting to Know a Country You’ve Never Been To Before You Get There

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring a three-part series on how to propose, research, and write for sponsored press trips. Kristin, who is currently in Taiwan on a

Join Me at TBEX 2012

Want to learn about the art and business of travel blogging from some of the most successful writers and editors in North America? Then get registered for TBEX 2012 in mid-June.

A Conversation with Ellen Barone

Ellen Barone’s popular group travel blog, Your Life is a Trip (which she co-founded with Judith Fein), was born with the belief that there is no division between your travels, your

An Interview with Benny Lewis

When I met Benny, he told me that everything he owns–literally everything–fits into one suitcase. (I wouldn’t be surprised if he knows more languages than he has shirts). He is the