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A Conversation with Laurie Gough

Laurie Gough is the kind of writer who is redefining women’s travel—she isn’t afraid to jump into adventure or try something totally out of her comfort zone. She’s drunk hallucinogenic kava,

An Interview with Durant Imboden

Durant Imboden, author of Buying Travel Services on the Internet, has made his career as a Europhile (I can’t say I blame him!). While he’s been freelancing on the web since

Two Books for the Price of One

Sorry kids – this is an old post and this offer has ended! Combine pre-holiday generosity with a strong desire to clean up my office and you’ve got the right environment

From the Editor’s Mouth: Grace Fujimoto of Avalon Publishing

Want to be a guidebook writer for Moon Travel Guides? Grace Fujimoto is the person who will tell you if you’re the right person for the challenge. Grace, the acquisitions director

An Interview with John Lamkin

While John Lamkin is best known as a travel, wine, and food writer and photographer, he’s also a resident expert on Mexican lifestyle and cuisine and writes for publications such as