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FAM Trips: Tips and Tricks While On the Road

Planning your first press trip? I just planned mine, thanks to the help of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and I’ve got a lot to share! (I have learned, for instance, that

Researching for FAM Trips: Getting to Know a Country You’ve Never Been To Before You Get There

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring a three-part series on how to propose, research, and write for sponsored press trips. Kristin, who is currently in Taiwan on a

An Interview with Lori Henry

Here’s a line I absolutely love from my interview with Lori: “Dancing breaks down barriers, allows people to interact with their eyes, touch and impulses.” These words really seem to get

An Interview with Leif Pettersen

If you’ve ever been to Eastern Europe, Italy, or Spain and touted a Lonely Planet guidebook in your luggage, you were probably traveling–in a small way–with Leif Pettersen. Having just finished

A Conversation with Ramsey Qubein

Ramsey Qubein is a travel journalist who covers the hotel and airline industry from every corner of the globe. His work appears in consumer and industry publications like Travel+Leisure, Business Traveller,