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From the Publisher’s Mouth: Angela Hoy of Booklocker

It’s no secret the self-publishing industry is changing the face of the traditional “gate-keeping” print industry of the past. Today, Angela Hoy talks to us about her work with Booklocker, one

A Conversation with Dan Schlossberg

Lately, we’ve been running interviews of travel writers who have made their niche by combining something they love with the art of travel. In this next case it’s baseball!  This week,

From the Editor’s Mouth: Spud Hilton of the San Francisco Chronicle

Spud Hilton and I met on the bus at the NATJA conference in October, and we had a rousing conversation about the ten worst ways to take travel photographs, ever. Spud,

A Conversation with Elaine Masters

When Elaine Masters had the idea to combine her two passions–travel and yoga–into her writing, she had no idea that her passions would lead her to creating her niche in the

An Interview with Kate Siber

Kate Siber epitomizes the quintessential travel journalist, characterizing herself as  freelance writer, occasional photographer, habitual traveler, and “inveterate question asker”. She has won numerous awards for her journalism and current works