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A Conversation with Amanda Castleman

This week, we’re highlighting travel writer Amanda Castleman, known for her adventure writing and  popular new media and travel writing online classes. To honor her work as a mentor and teacher,

A Conversation with Nicholas Gill

Nicholas Gill describes his job as  “traveling around and eating” (though he does take pictures and write, too). While he travels mostly to Latin America (and keeps a blog about it),

An Interview with Isabel Eva Bohrer

This interview has been removed. Please see the home page for current interviews.

A Conversation with Anja Mutic

The title of Anja Mutic’s website, Ever the Nomad, couldn’t describe her lust for travel any better. As she tells it, she’s “a traveler who writes, and a writer who travels.”

A Conversation with Paige R. Penland

Paige R. Penland has a special knack for writing about culture south-of-the-border: based in Granada, Nicaragua, Paige has covered the likes of Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, and El Salvador for publications