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A Conversation with Amanda Black

Amanda Black and I recently met on a press trip to Malaysia and became instant friends. Our love for writing and editing, combined with our passion for travel and sharing that

An Interview with Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is the editor of and top contributor to A Luxury Travel Blog, one of the leading luxury travel blogs on the internet. In today’s interview, Paul, who has a

An Interview with Carole Terwilliger Meyers

Carole Terwilliger Meyers, the author of 17 travel books, has been in the freelancing business for many years, having personally watched the shift from print to digital media. Like other savvy

A Conversation with La Carmina

┬áThis quote from our interview today pretty much sums up La Carmina’s travel writing mantra: “It goes without saying: making successful web content is very different from writing for the travel

An Interview with Laura Bly

Laura Bly is a reporter, editor, and photographer. A self-diagnosed “dromomaniac” (that’s someone who’s addicted to constant travel!), Laura has traveled to all seven continents, writing for the likes of USA