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A Conversation with Cindy Fan

Cindy Fan is a Canadian expat living in Laos. She is a freelance travel writer and photographer who writes for outlets like The Toronto Star and she blogs at In

6 Ways to Stand Apart as a Writer

Whether you are a freelance writer, a book author, a blogger, or some other media creator of things people will read, there’s one sure way to stand apart from the pack:

A Conversation with Ellen Barone

Ellen Barone’s popular group travel blog, Your Life is a Trip (which she co-founded with Judith Fein), was born with the belief that there is no division between your travels, your

Glimpse Correspondence Program Seeking Candidates

If you could take a real-life “glimpse” into the travel publishing industry and get a publication under your belt at the same time, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Bad puns

An Interview with John Lamkin

While John Lamkin is best known as a travel, wine, and food writer and photographer, he’s also a resident expert on Mexican lifestyle and cuisine and writes for publications such as