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A Conversation with Lavinia Spalding

I first picked up Lavinia’s beautiful book, Writing Away, a few years ago after I returned with a suitcase of journals from my travels in Colombia. Five years later, I finally

6 Ways to Stand Apart as a Writer

Whether you are a freelance writer, a book author, a blogger, or some other media creator of things people will read, there’s one sure way to stand apart from the pack:

Year-end Round-up and Reminders

The last week of the year is almost here, so it’s a time to take a breath and reflect. When life is moving at a 100 miles an hour—some of that

Does a Travel Writer Need to Travel Alone?

I read a blog post recently that said, “If you’re a writer, there’s only one way to travel and that’s solo. Travel with a companion and you come complete with an