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When it was time for me to ask for a cover blurb quote for my book, I knew just the guy I wanted to hear from. I got in touch with Chuck Thompson, author of the great book Smile While You’re Lying: Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer. His follow-up is also great and Joshua Berman has a good review of it here for Perceptive Travel: To Hellholes and Back.

I was grateful that he took the time to review my draft and give me a quotable quote for the cover. Since it’s hard to see the cover on those little thumbnail shots at an online site, I’m posting the quote here:

Tim Leffel is that rarest of creatures in the travel world–a straight shooter who not only has all the facts, but isn’t afraid to share them. Travel Writing 2.0 is an essential resource for anyone trying to make real money from their writing. — Chuck Thompson

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