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Travel blogger exchange

TBEX 2013 will be in the happening city of Toronto, Canada in early June and I’ll be joining 750+ attendees to talk about travel, adventures, writing, photographing, blogging, and making a living with the combination.

I attended TBEX last summer in Keystone, CO and was a panelist. The face-to-face opportunity was a huge success for me personally, as it was for many others.

This year I’m a speaker. And I’ve got a free admission ticket for one lucky reader of this travel writing blog.

The subject of my session will be “Beyond your blog: building a publishing empire.” Whether you want to be an empire builder or not, this will be about going beyond the frustration of trying to earn real money from just one solitary website. That’s a hard thing to do for a solopreneur and I’ve never even tried. Sure, a few rock stars pull it off, but as a percentage of the attendees at a the main travel blogger conference, I’m guessing they’re less than 5%. Probably they’re more like the proverbial 2%.

So I’ll be talking about building offshoots, starting new sites, doing freelance work, writing books, and more. Backed up with numbers, real-world examples, and action items.

Want to come?

I’ve got a travel blogger ticket for someone who is committed enough to get themselves to Toronto and work out a place to stay. This is $97 you won’t have to pay for a great career-advancing education. (And a lot of fun.)

To enter, follow one of my media company’s websites on Facebook, Twitter, or RSS, then leave a comment below on which one you did. I assume you can find something of interest in one of them. Then answer the one question at the bottom. That’s it!

Follow one of these Al Centro Media sites – look for Twitter, RSS, and FB icons on the home page:

Practical Travel Gear
Perceptive Travel Facebook, blog RSS
Hotel Scoop
Luxury Latin America

Say what you did in the comments and answer this question: “What are you (as a writer) or your blog/website doing better than anyone else?”

Rules: one entry per person, no writers who work for me are eligible. Deadline April 15, 2013.

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