When you’re ready to develop your skills, find markets for your articles, or start earning money as a blogger or travel website owner, here’s a pared-down list of books and sites that will hopefully be useful to you as you navigate through the travel writing world!  We will be updating this site often, so please keep checking back for new additions!

References and Databases

The following resources and databases commonly list editors to pitch to, their e-mail address, and a phone number for the main desk. A bit of sleuthing will often accomplish the same thing for free (a magazine masthead will have somebody’s e-mail address under the business/advertising part you can extrapolate). When time is money though, a database will get you rolling in a hurry. (Note that the services that require a subscription fee are noted with an asterisk–but remember, a great resource (and these are great!) beats a crummy free one any day!).

  • Your local library (for magazines and reference books) – Search for your closest public library here!
  • Writer’s Marketplace book – access in the library as the travel section is very sparse
  • A good newsstand (at Borders or Barnes & Noble you can write down key masthead info and study the issues without buying every one.)
  • * The BEST resource out there is the Travel Magazine Database. It’ll cost you, but it’s packed with solid info.
  • * Scott American Corporation’s travel media directory for sale
  • * Bookmarket.com has downloadable agents and publishers lists
  • * Publishers Marketplace has databases and a query service
  •    TravMedia.com – sends out editor alerts and press releases
  • ResponseSource – database of editors, press releases, and journalist alerts

Job postings and leads

Writing, Websites, and Newsletters

Some of these are specific to travel writing, some are for freelancers in general. Many post a steady stream of openings for bloggers and are therefore a better source for online opportunities for beginners than some of the above.


Travel writing sections of travel blogs:


  • Travelblogexchange.com – a great community of bloggers
  • TravelWriters.com –a bulletin board that posts some market and press trip announcements
  • MediaKitty.com – a place where PR/marketing people connect with writers for announcements, press trips, and help with assignments
  • HelpAReporter.com – THE place where journalists seeking sources post their needs
  • Fizzle.co – Membership group with unlimited courses and active message board for online content business owners
  • TravelMassive.com – Global network of travel industry insiders

Professional Development Associations and Networking Conferences

Book Publishers and Agents

Many of the vanity press, print on demand, and e-book publishers are flaky an just out to make money off your set-up fees, but here are a few with transparent terms and reasonable costs. I’ve only used the first two, however, so do your homework and read all the fine print.

Other Writing Websites to Learn From

Travel Writing and Creative Non-fiction Courses

There are a million of these out there it seems, but the following survive on results and good word of mouth rather than extreme hype and hard-sell direct mail pitches. Assume they all have a substantial fee.