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Anna Faustino on TravelWriting2.comAfter her year-long stint traveling around the world, Anna Faustino found her love for exploring new places insatiable. Fueled by her desire to live outside the box, she has been traveling full-time for about three years while writing for her website, Adventure in You. Anna joins us this week to talk about how she got started, how it’s all working for her and to share a little advice for others who would like to give travel blogging a try.

When did you start your travel blog and how have you grown it to the level of success you’re at now?

My partner Tom and I started Adventure in You in early 2015 as a side project because we wanted to do something in the travel space. Can you believe that when we decided to start it, Tom didn’t even know what blogs were? Two and a half years later, we’ve both grown the blog in a way that can support us and a few other employees full time. After a short while, as soon as we decided to quit our jobs to start blogging, we started treating it as a business. This made all the difference for us because all of a sudden, it was no longer just a side hobby.

Were you an adventure travel blogger from the beginning? How did you decide to follow that path?

As my partner and I met while we were on the road, one of the things that we bonded over was our love for adventures. After we met, we spent the next few months doing every type of adventurous activity that we could. Diving with sharks, canyoning, skydiving, and going on long motorcycle rides- we did it all together. So when we decided to start the blog, it made sense to choose something related to our love for adventure.

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What methods have you used to earn money from your blog and finance your travels around the world? What has worked best?

Over the years, we’ve made money from direct advertising, brand partnerships, and ads. At the beginning of this year, we made it a goal to build up our passive revenue by doing more work with affiliates, ebooks, and other digital products. As we focus our travels a lot on Southeast Asia, we just released a series of adventure guidebooks which feature the best things to see and do in each country. As the travel blogging scene is becoming more and more competitive, creating products to offer your readers is a good way to increase your income and generate more revenue. We also just finished launching a Thailand-based travel app called Get Stoked which we spent a year developing.

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What advice would you give to travelers who just hit the road and said, “I want to start a travel blog!”

Think about it first! As much as I love this industry, it is a lot more difficult to get into than you think. Behind every pretty picture and poetic prose about how awesome a destination is are long bus rides, long hours spent writing, growing your social media channels, and so on. I cannot stress the importance of finding your niche and sticking to it. The travel blogging scene is slowly becoming more and more saturated so finding something that you’re really passionate about and making sure your voice and message is heard will make all the difference.

Besides trekking with me in Nepal, what have been your most exciting adventures the past couple years?

While Nepal was definitely a highlight, I have to say traveling around Ecuador was amazing due to the number of extreme activities there was to do. While I was there, I para-glided over a volcano while it was exploding…and obviously lived to tell the tale. Although my parents weren’t too amused, I loved it. Trekking through the Amazon rain forest has also been a dream come true for me.

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Driven by epic adventure stories and good food, Anna is on a mission to go, eat, and write about as many places as she can. She founded Adventure in You with her partner, Tom, after a fateful meeting on the sand dunes in Vietnam. Together they aim to inspire others to do more and life their lives to the fullest. You can follow Anna’s adventure on her blog and on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Interview conducted by Tim Leffel, posted by Terri Marshall.

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