It’s Time for Travel Writing 2.0

Many books have been written about being a travel writer and I’ve read most of them. Very few of them really suck and some are quite good.

The problem is, the times have changed, but the books have not. Travel Writing 2.0 does not forsake the past, because after all, many writers are still making a comfortable living writing for print magazines. But those writers have a head start on you. If you are starting out now, reading the old advice about query letters, sucking up to magazine editors, and writing newspaper pieces on spec is probably going to be a waste of time.

So I hereby announce the launch of the definitive book for earning money from your travels in the new digital landscape, the transition period we are in between the old world and the new one, from typeset pages to bytes, from bylines to a real following.

Come along for the ride as I bring you the inside scoop each week from writers who have made it, people who have defined success on their own terms.

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