A Conversation with Food, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, Liz Mays

Liz Mays on TravelWriting2.comLiz Mays is a North Carolina mom of two who loves to cook, bake, craft and travel. Her daughter, Chanelle has similar interests but is also a competitive body builder. Liz and Chanelle have turned their favorite things into the mother/daughter blog, Eat Move Make. Liz joins us this week to talk about her journey from working in the travel and tourism industry to blogging. And she shares a few tips that have helped her build and monetize her blog.

I understand you have a background in tourism. Tell us about your journey from that to travel/lifestyle blogging?

Having grown up in a family that traveled extensively, it wasn’t surprising that I’d forever have the itch to wander, so I double majored in Travel & Tourism and French and minored in Spanish in college. I worked for two airlines and as a travel agent for a few years before having kids. I set my career aside and devoted the next 20+ years to raising them, and when they flew the nest, I began a lifestyle blog, devoting one of my major content streams to my greatest passion – travel.

Liz Mays on TravelWriting2.com

As a mother/daughter blogging team, how do you and Chanelle manage the details of working together on the blog?

We started by having weekly meetings with an agenda, but we’ve found that it’s not necessary to have that kind of formality anymore. I’m the editor so everything flows through me initially, and then decisions are made on who does what. Where I’m weak, she’s strong and vice versa, so most details just fall in place based on those strengths and weaknesses.

LIz Mays on TravelWriting2.com

What tips do you have for fledgling bloggers who want to grow a larger audience?

It takes time, dedication and long-term commitment to grow, and an audience won’t just find you. You have to find your own audience. Reach out to similarly niched bloggers, join Facebook groups and communities, and promote your content (not just once or twice but forever) using relevant and trending hashtags on social media. Focus on what gives you results.

You’ve managed to monetize your blog as an income source. Can you share with us your strategies for making that happen?

I do make money from my blog but not really from my travel content I generate the bulk of my income through my remaining pillars of content along with passive income. This includes advertising income, affiliate income, ambassadorships, sponsored posts, twitter party hosting, producing content for brand websites, etc. It’s important to have several streams of income (both active and passive) to maintain a consistent income through the seasonal peaks and valleys. The more income generated passively, the better.

Liz Mays on TravelWriting2.com

What are the top 3 destinations on your bucket list? Do you have plans in the works to make those happen?

I don’t have an international bucket list yet because I’ve barely scratched the surface and have too many to list, but I’ve been to 48 of the 50 states and I need to conquer the remaining two: Alaska and Hawaii. I’m hoping to get to Alaska in the next year, and Hawaii soon after!

Liz and Chanelle blog about food, fitness, travel and other fun things on their blog at EatMoveMake. You can follow along on their blog and through their social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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