Getting Things Accomplished: Productivity Tips for Bloggers

Many who attended my presentation at TBEX Athens asked if I could post it somewhere. Others who couldn’t attend have been asking as well. The audio from that conference is still not posted and the slides only make so much sense without it. So I’ve re-recorded it and here you go. So Much Content, So Little Time: Productivity Tips for Bloggers.

Note that sometimes it gets stuck for some reason after the second slide and then one point toward the end, so you may have to hit the > arrow on your keyboard or onscreen to take it off pause. It’s small here though, so use the full screen option to expand it, then hit the “slideshow” option.

Watch this when you’ve got some time, because it’s more than a half hour long. Naturally the Q&A part is not in here, but if the TBEX audio posts later, you should be able to fast-forward and hear that part. Questions were mostly about specific scheduling tools, how much to pay outside bloggers, and what to do if you can’t afford to hire others for tech or design work. (My answer to the last one is, you almost certainly can afford it if you look on some of the freelancer sites I mentioned. It’s cheaper than you probably think.)

Tim Leffel speaker

Courtesy of Nelson Mochilero

I mentioned a lot of tools in that presentation. Here are some of the main ones I use on a regular basis. Free ones are first, paid ones after. Some have a free trial or are free with limited features, but then if you pay more you get more. A couple of these are affiliate links, most are not.

Blogger productivity and business growth tools:

Boomerang for Gmail
Thunderbird (Outlook or Gmail for desktop will work too)
Hootsuite *I think used to be .org and that’s what I said in the presentation, but it’s now .com
RSS Graffiti
Buffer App

Mailchimp for newsletters/e-mail lists
Benchmark E-mail ” ” ” ”

Speaking of LeadPages, you are on the Travel Writing Success newsletter list, right? RIGHT?! If not, you’re missing out on a great source of advice from me and the people we interview here. You can see the nice sign-up page I created with that tool here: success newsletter.

Here’s a poster created by Candace Rose Rardon with quotes from various speakers’ presentations at TBEX Europe. I was honored to be included and…isn’t this cool?

Candace Rardon sketch

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