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Rob Taylor on TravelWriting2.0Rob Taylor is the founder and lead journalist for, the original LGBT family travel blog. Focusing on travel as a form of education, 2TravelDads showcases brands and destinations that are ideal for families of all kinds. Partnering with brands such as IHG, Universal, VISIT FLORIDA, Amtrak and more, 2TravelDads create content for their own channels as well as branded media for partners. Rob joins us this week to talk about the blog and share insights into partnering with brands.

Let’s start off by sharing your path to travel writing. What inspired you to follow this road?

I studied creative writing at the University of Washington and have always loved to journal. In 2009 I discovered blogging and started to write about home improvement and gardening. I started a second blog soon after recounting the experience and history of the places that I would paint while traveling. Once kids came along, I abandoned the blogs and focused on being a dad. Enter 2014 when our second son was born and I knew I needed to start a fresh blog as an outlet for my creative energy AND because at the time there were no other LGBT family travel blogs. I saw a need to get representation of our community out there and jumped in!

Rob Taylor of 2TravelDads on TravelWriting2.0

As the first LGBTQ family travel blog, you traveled uncharted territory. What challenges do you face along the way? 

While we prefer to never have to write content that’s specifically from the viewpoint of being an LGBT family (all about normalizing families like ours) there is the rare occasion where our travels are directly impacted by being a family with two dads. The most common obstacle we face when traveling are dirty looks and “accidentally” loud comments, but there have been times when we’ve been denied one king bed for my husband and I or been repeatedly offered separate rooms to ensure we don’t sleep in the same room. We are smart about where and how we travel though and are sure to never travel anywhere that the law of the land could potentially have us separated at customs or not consider both of us dads as legitimate parents. Something as simple as airport security so many families take for granted, but our travel plans are directly influenced by it.

Rob Taylor of 2TravelDads on TRavelWriting2.0

You spoke at TBEX North America about effective content development and campaign planning with bloggers and brands. What are some of the biggest benefits of partnering with brands for your blog?

The greatest benefit to partnering with a brand as a blog is the opportunity to create a fair amount of content in the role of brand ambassador, and then having that content supported by the brand, both socially and financially.  Of course, not every brand partnership or contract is a complete ambassadorship, so even on the smaller projects or one-time campaigns, having a brand to back you encourages other brands and destinations to follow suit, thus creating future opportunities.  At TBEX I specifically spoke about collaborative content planning, which is really important. This process is where a brand and a blogger both take an active part in developing content, from understanding what angles are going to most resonate with followers to what campaign goals the brand wants to ensure are followed through on. With our partnerships we are sure to speak up for what we know is genuine AND compelling, and that’s what both bloggers and brands should be doing to create effective collaborative partnerships.

Rob Taylor of 2TravelDads on TravelWriting2.0

The question everyone probably asks: How do you manage traveling with the boys, homeschooling and making a living all at the same time? 

Yes, we get asked this all the time. First of all, traveling with kids is no different than traveling with a significant other: you pack for any eventuality and make sure your loved one is all set too; you plan activities everyone will enjoy; you take safety and relaxation into consideration. A lot of people think traveling with kids is a whole new ball game, but it’s just a different spin on the same game. Regarding schooling, we did homeschool for the first two years, but have since enrolled our oldest in public school. Before we did so, we were sure to share our views on the value of travel and being in the world vs just learning about it. Our school has been very supportive of travel and making educational choices that are right for our oldest, as long as we’re communicating and ensuring his education doesn’t take a second seat. When it comes to making a living, time management is the key. I know that I need to have time dedicated to working on the blog and our campaigns and being in-market traveling is a big part of that. Having a family calendar and coordinating travel experiences, conference calls, and events at home is a part of our daily life. When we are able to balance it all effectively, the business takes care of itself and we can focus on raising kids and enjoying everything else in life.

Rob Taylor of 2TravelDads on TravelWriting2.0

Where do you see your blog and other writing projects five years from now?

I would like to expand our blog into a platform for other LGBT family writers to share their own content. We currently have a few contributors that share as they want, but I’d love to turn our online publication into an outlet that can employ other writers from our community on a regular basis. We also have plans to put our podcast online, sooner than 5 years out. We have been recording episodes and editing… but we’re not ready to release the series. Watch out, cuz it’ll be live and awesome soon.

And for fun, you’ve been given $10,000 and a month to travel without obligations, where would you take the family and what would you do?

What a loaded question! With a month and $10K I think we would deeply explore Central America. We love the culture and climate, and we never are there for long enough. Between the history, wildlife, landscapes and tropical waters Central America would be amazing to explore for a month with the kids

2019 has seen the release of Rob’s first book, The Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids, the launch of a web series with Best Western Hotels & Resorts, and several speaking engagements around the USA. Follow the dads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.






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