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Glimpse Correspondence Program Seeking Candidates

If you could take a real-life “glimpse” into the travel publishing industry and get published at the same time, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Bad puns aside, you actually can,

FAM Trips: Making Sense of Your Notes

I’m an organic writer, the kind who scribbles furiously while she’s away and then settles in to make sense of those scribbles once she’s home. While this might not be the

FAM Trips: Tips and Tricks While On the Road

Planning your first press trip? I just planned mine, thanks to the help of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and I’ve got a lot to share! (I have learned, for instance, that

A Conversation with Lavinia Spalding

I first picked up Lavinia’s beautiful book, Writing Away, a few years ago after I returned with a suitcase of journals from my travels in Colombia. Five years later, I finally

What’s it take to be a Lonely Planet Guidebook Writer? An Interview with Brice Gosnell

Brice Gosnell, publisher of the Americas for the Lonely Planet guidebook series, talks to us today about what it takes to make it as a guidebook writer. His top three tips?