Contently: The Portfolio Site You’ve Been Missing

ContentlyLogoHighResWhen Tim told me about another content marketing website and suggested I take a look at it, my first thought was this: Oh no, I do not need another site I have to keep up with. As a one-woman team, I can hardly keep up with all the ones I already have!

But now, I think I’m a convert. Check out Contently.

For one, my current portfolio page is really, really uninteresting. It’s a list of titles and publications with clickable hyperlinks or downloadable pdfs. No pretty pictures, no scrolling option, just, well, a list. I guess I was ready for an upgrade.

Secondly, Contently is really cool–it’s a free portfolio site for showcasing “your story;” i.e., your freelancing life online. You input a number of urls for sites you’ve written for and Contently scans them and uploads the material it finds attributed to you. Then, you get a customizable url that’s easy to remember. Tim’s, for instance, is and mine–which I just made yesterday–is

That’s it!

The good?

  • The visual appearance of the portfolio is beautiful. It’s pretty simple: a lot of white space, clean, sans serif fonts, tiled images with titles, a feature photo, a teaser, and a list of social media shares, Facebook likes, and Tweets. Click on any tile to go directly to the article Also, Contently color-codes the backgrounds of all tiles associated with one publication, so it’s easy to see which articles go with which publication. Also, the layout is really nice for scrolling and “getting the big picture” of who you are as a writer.contentlyscreenshot
  • It’s really easy to “scan” for new articles to add–just click on the link on the left-hand side that says “Check publications for more stories” and it will add anything that you’ve written since the last time you updated your site.
  • It’s really fun to see, at-a-glance, how many people have liked, shared, or Tweeted your posts! (Could be good, too, for pitching new publications or applying for press trips). Members also get considered for content marketing campaigns run through Contently.

The bad?

  • The main problem I noticed using Contently is that it didn’t pick up all of my articles. This could be for two reasons: One, not all the sites I’ve written for were included in the list of options (even though you can manually type in urls to search, it didn’t seem to pick up some sites), and two, though I changed my name after I got married last year (and updated it in most of the places I’ve written for), I’m not sure Contently knew what to do with those updated posts because it didn’t include posts written before I changed my name. Basically, I’m just not sure how to get Contently to pick up and archive both names. I can go in and manually add all of the ones that didn’t show up….but, wow, that sounds like a lot of work….
  • If you do a lot of work for print publications and magazines, you’ll have to upload pdfs of all of your articles if you want to include them.
  • If you include your own blog or portfolio site as one of the places you write for, Contently will include a bunch of random pages (for instance, when I did mine, it created articles for my “About Me” page, my “CV” page, etc.). You can go in and delete them, but it was kind of annoying.

The ugly?

  • There really isn’t any–Contently is super sleek and I love the layout.

What do you think, fellow travel writers and bloggers? Have you used Contently? Got any other recommendations I might have missed?


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