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I hosted a group of ambitious travel writers and bloggers last Friday live in a free webinar. If you aren’t part of the Travel Writing Success newsletter list or you couldn’t make it, no problem. I’ve posted a replay below.

This is all about getting to a new level of income, either going pro as a full-timer or earning enough to really do something with as a part-time freelancer or blogger. It’s a look at what six-figure writers do differently and what leads to their financial success. If you watch it through there will be a link to some giveaways at the end.

If you watch that video, you’ll also find out how to save 10% on my Travel Writing Overdrive course. I’m opening it back up again this week to new students. The first group that signed up is on week #8 now and finding great success. Here’s what they’ve had to say so far:

I joined Travel Writing Overdrive not so much for the content, but for the motivation and accountability to help me get done what I already know needs to get done. After just six weeks, I’ve moved past analysis paralysis and taken important steps forward with my web publishing projects. The opportunity to share and discuss ideas in an honest and supportive environment is worth many times more than the price of admission.

David Nikel

I’ve been a travel journalist for the last six years but enrolled in Tim Leffel’s on-line course, Travel Writing Overdrive, hoping for fresh insights and practical tips from a pro in the industry. The course has been a goldmine of information–and we’re only half-way through the program. If you’re looking for ways to expand your travel writing income through multiple revenue streams, Tim’s comprehensive program shows you how to do just that. It’s never to late to ramp up your travel writing success!

Nancy Mueller

Since starting the Travel Writing Overdrive course, I’ve become enthusiastic about turning my travel writing trickle of income into a more steady stream. Tim’s videos and written instruction plus the helpful weekly phone meetings all have pushed me to think of many concrete ways I could actually earn real money–and in one case I’ve already snagged a new regular column from an editor of a magazine.

As I do this course, I keep thinking of friends who are struggling writers or who want to be writers, and I wish they’d take this course. Unfortunately, I think that most of them aren’t willing to invest the money in their own careers. I am confident that anyone who does pay for the course will benefit from it in every way, and I expect to make back many times the cost of tuition, soon!

Gillian Kendall

See more here, and remember that the course closes to new students on Friday, April 29: Travel Writing Overdrive.

Travel Writing Overdrive course


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