Profiting From Running Multiple Travel Blogs

Tim Leffel travel expert speaker

I recently returned to Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) Europe as a speaker, this time in Stockholm. The organizer and I got cute with the title, not realizing the second part of it would get cut off in the program. So it only had this:

“How to Profit From Producing Offspring”

With the subtitle it made more sense: “Why running multiple blogs leads to more success, security, and income.”

So while I do pay my kid less than minimum wage to do some work for me now and then, this was not about child labor. It was about why it makes sense to run a second blog. Or maybe a third and fourth.

I had to re-record the audio, so I went ahead and squeezed in answers to the questions that came up afterwards. That means this presentation is around 45 minutes long. Consider it a class and let it roll when you have a block of time to spare. You can make it  full screen if you want.

My way is not the only way of course and I’m just presenting this as a strategy to smooth out the income roller coaster and make yourself more Antifragile. Plenty of travel bloggers are earning six figures just cranking away with one personality-driven blog. That’s the path of most resistance though if you haven’t been at this for years. If you prefer going into a fight that you have a good chance of winning instead, check that video out and up your odds.

If you want to increase those odds even more, the first step is to get on this blog’s travel writing success newsletter. A step up from there is to read the Travel Writing 2.0 book, now in its second edition.You’ll hear from a whole slew of successful travel writers, authors, and bloggers following different paths.

To bring the chances of drastically increasing your income this year up close to 100%, sign up for Travel Writing Overdrive next time it opens back up.

Did you miss TBEX Europe because you were in the wrong part of the world? Register for TBEX Asia in the Philippines this October or plan on heading to Huntsville, AL for the North America one in 2017.

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