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I spend so much time creating content for multiple blogs and websites that I have to catch up sometimes in my online reading of what others write. It’s important to make time for this though, because unlike watching the crawl of bits and bytes from social media, you learn from this and get smarter. You get better at seeing the big picture.

It’s hard to be perceived as an expert if you knowledge about a subject can be summed up in 140 characters.

Here’s some good writing and income advice from others on the value of research, knowledge, and true expertise. After all, experts make money from what they know and can explain. They attract work instead of having to go seek it out. Those who are just generalists for hire have to work twice as hard for the same results.

As Leo Babauta says, it gets easier if you do one thing well.

Copyblogger says stop writing so much and do more research instead.

Seth Godin reminds us that it’s more important to go deep instead of going wide. Expertise built up through deep knowledge is always better than keeping up with the 24-hour news cycle (unless your life goal is to be a talking head shouting on TV).

Food for long-term thought: if you want your site to be recognized as an authority and for pages to get huge numbers of consistent search engine hits and links, can you really do it all alone? The Grumpy Traveler thinks travel bloggers need to start thinking like editors.

Still thinking you want to be a guidebook writer? In case you missed this last month, here’s the best piece I’ve seen on the rigors of the road in that job, from Leif Pettersen: So you want to be a Lonely Planet Guidebook author?

Remember, when you see a success story, chances are it was a good while in the making. There are seldom any shortcuts. Here’s a nice piece on that from Barbara Weibel, who after five years of slugging away at her craft, just got interviewed on camera by ABC News. Nice!

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