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Travel writing book

If you’re on the Travel Writing Success Newsletter list, you already know this, but the brand new second edition of Travel Writing 2.0 book is out now for Kindle and paperback! It’ll be coming soon to the other platforms where it hasn’t appeared yet.

There are some remnants from the first edition still in place and I’ve kept a few juicy quotes, but nearly every page has been updated along the way. There were 87 full-time and part-time travel writers and editors from several countries who participated in a survey I did in advance of it, plus we’ve had five years of interviews to pull from to get a good hard look at what’s working and what’s not. There’s NO other book out there in the world that gives you this kind of depth and certainty across a broad spectrum of travel writers and bloggers.

Want to know what people doing this full-time actually make? Here’s what has changed in five years: the middle and the top are both growing—a good sign.

travel writer earnings

What full-time travel writers & bloggers earned in 2015

I have strong opinions, yes, but most of them are based on real research and solid examples rather than hunches or just personal experience. Writers shared what they’re earning, where they have found success, and what frustrates them the most. I have distilled all of this into a guide that can jump start your career or get you started without a couple years of learning through trial and error.

See the Get the Book page for links where you can get a copy as I’ll be updating that as it becomes available on different platforms. This is through a POD publisher, not CreateSpace, so you’ll be able to get it nearly anywhere online.

Later I’ll show my work in terms of the steps I went through to put this out and what it cost me in terms of design work, proofing, and e-book conversion. I actually commissioned three illustrations and two book covers since it’s so cheap now to hire out for these things. More on that soon.

If you read this book you’ll be a more successful writer and will spend your time in productive ways, I can promise that. There’s only so much you can get from reading a book though—any book—so I’m also launching an in-depth course for those smart enough to invest in their future and get a clear return. The upper level of that will include group collaboration through a mastermind group and individual consulting from me. Get the scoop on that at the Travel Writing Overdrive site and watch this site for a launch announcement. Better yet, sign up for notifications there and you’ll get the guinea pig introductory price that’s going to be much lower in the beginning.

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